Thesera H

Moisturizing from deep in the skin and giving a healthy watery glow on the skin.

Moisturizing from deep in the skin and giving a healthy watery glow on the skin.
BENEFIT : Deep moisturizing, improving skin texture, building water shields, improving skin complexion.

Main Properties

Found the answer for moisturizing!
Creating an environment which is good for water metabolism,
THESERA H moisturizes and builds water shields on the skin.


STEP 1. Opening Channel


Hydroglow Deep Dermaling

  • Eliminating dead skin cells and cleansing pores
  • Increasing body temperature and helping muscle workout
  • Vitalizing moisturizing ability with substances of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor)

Directions : Pump 8 times and apply it on the face evenly with a brush. Avoid mouth and eye areas. After 5 min. use pumping technique to wake up cells. Rinse with lukewarm water.



STEP 2. Creating Cell Activation Environment


Hydroglow Cell Stimuler

  • Creating an environment of moisturizing
  • Improving skin elasticity and complexion by providing oxygen to skin

Directions : Put stimuler into a glass bowl. Add 2ml of warm water and stir it until micro bubbles rise enough. Lay micro bubbles on face. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water after 1-2 min.



STEP 3. Moisturizing Cells with AQP


Hydroglow Cell Recovery Ampoule
[Brightening/Wrinkle improvement]

  • Cell filler with essential salinity of 0.9% for quick AQP charging
  • AQP acting like water channel
  • Replenishing moisture and antioxidants

Directions : Apply the ampoule on the areas of concern with dry pack brush first and then absorb it in the whole face.



STEP 4. Preventing Water Loss


Hydroglow Deep Emulsion
[Brightening/Wrinkle improvement]

  • Moisturizing and nourishing skin
  • Keeping moisture stay in the skin

Directions : Pump 4 times and apply to the whole face.


Technical Data Sheet

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Package Content

Hydroglow Deep Dermaling 20ml
Hydroglow Cell Stimuler 7g x 8ea
Hydroglow Cell Recovery Ampoule 2ml x 8ea
Hydroglow Deep Emulsion 20ml


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