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Regenyal Idea BIO-EXPANDER is a remarkable Biorivolumetria product, that enables a complete rejuve- nation of the face through volumetric correction and tissue re-structuring. The product integrates perfectly and restores natural shapes in an extraordinary manner.

his product is to be injected into the subcutaneous layer. The skin improves in terms of elasticity, hydration, turgor, stimulation and recovery of the adipose tissues. Among the adipocytes there are mesenchymal stem cells and pre-adipocytes that expose their CD-44 receptors. The bio-interactive portion of HA influences the pre-adipocytes by letting them differentiate into adipocytes and, thus, regenerate the fat compartment. But this is not all, as the derma is influenced and improved, too.

Technical Data Sheet

Regenyal Idea BIO-EXPANDER is indicated in the treatments of HYPO-VOLUMETRIC DE-STRUCTURINGS (HD)


Regenyal Idea Bio-Expander is a mono-phase gel obtained through a long-lasting cross-linking process at low temperatures, “gentle cross-linking”. Slow mixing allows for the cross-liking agent (BDDE) to spread better and in a more uniform manner. The amount of BDDE used is 30 per cent lower than in the majority of other products, available on the market, having the same degree of viscosity. In addition, for the manufacturing of BIO-EXPANDER three molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid are used, at 1M, 2M and 500K Dalton; the latter corresponding to 10 per cent of free and intercalated HA. The differently long HA chains allow for the best calibration of the product’s viscosity.

The innovative manufacturing method is covered by an International Patent.


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